Erisman's desk

Sector: Furniture for Educational Institutions
Price: 58.2 EUR
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: Corrugated cardboard, stretch film
Terms of Delivery: FCA Postavy, DAP, EXW
Full Product Information:
Heigth-adjustable double desks. All adjustments are performed independently. To change the height of the desk you need move telescopic joints of the frame and fix them through the holes with screws. Desk has an inclined tabletop (angle of inclination is 10 degrees) with two folding parts from the student's side, what makes learning process more comfortable. A panel with two boxes for pens are attached to the tabletop. Under the tabletop there is a shelf for books and exercise books. Desk is closed on the side with plates, to which pegs for schoolbags are fixed. To eliminate warp of the top and to hold up folding parts there is metal linkage under the top. Desk equipped with footrest. Metal frame constructed from shaped tubes which serves as a basis with polymer coating and section 25x25 and 20x20 mm. All panels are made from laminated chipboard (depth: 16mm), the ends of boards clad in PVC (depth: 2 mm).

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