Mobile Milking Plants

Sector: Animal Husbandry
Price: Contract Price
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At the customer's request, the plants may be equipped with both simultaneous and pairwise milking units. The milking plant sections contain four dispenser bunkers for animal feed and eight feeding troughs. The high-volume collector of the milking plant protects animals against the transmission of infections from the infected parts of the udder to the healthy ones. Water for washing the milking plant is heated with a solid fuel boiler. High vacuum stability of the system is ensured by a reliable and efficient vacuum regulator, a vacuum line (DN 40 pipe) and a vacuum cylinder V=20 l. An environmentally friendly water-circuit station (capacity - at least 60 cubic meters per hour) is envisaged for vacuum generation. This station can be driven either by an electric motor or by MTZ tractor power take-off shaft. Since 2007 the units are offered with a self-contained low power motor drive. The use this type of drive saves up to 7000 liters of diesel fuel during the grazing season. PDU-8 (PDU-8M) Technical characteristics. Type - mobile. Number of milkers - 4. Number of cows milked with the help of the plant - 100. Number of cows milked per 1 hour of the regular time - no less than 60. Maximum number of cows milked at the same time - 8. Number of milking units - 8 pcs. Milk bucket capacity - 202 dm3. Installed capacity - not more than 4 kW. Operating vacuum-gage pressure - 48+(-) 1 kPa. Capacity of the vacuum station - no less than 60 m3/h. Hopper capacity of the feed distributor - not less than 0.2 m3. Milking machine make - UID 07.000 (ADS 11.00.000).

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