Stationary Milking Plants Of "Milk-Line" Type

Sector: Animal Husbandry
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Technical characteristics: a) Vacuum system. The vacuum system consists of galvanized pipes DN40 (linear) and polymer pipes DN110 (main), two vacuum stations SN-60AM (for ADSN - one vacuum station) with the capacity of not less than 60 m3/h each, vacuum regulator and vacuum expander The total capacity of two vacuum stations is 8 kW. Operating vacuum-gage pressure in the system is 48±1 kPa. b) Milking system. Milking system of 2ADSN plant includes a linear milk pipeline made of corrosion-resistant pipes with inner diameter of 50 mm; a pressure milk pipeline made of stainless steel pipe with inner diameter of 25 mm and milk dischargers (for 2ADSN - 2 pcs., for ADSN - 1 pc.) with milk pumps. Milk dischargers are used to release milk from the vacuum and pump it into the cooling tank. Two filtration units (for ADSN - one unit) with a set of the filtering elements are used for cleaning the milk from mechanical impurities. These devices consist of two paired filters that allow replacement of the filtering element during milking. Pipes that make up linear and pressure milk pipelines have a polished inner surface. c) Washing system. Washing system may be circulating or automatic. An automatic washing unit is supplied together with water heating and software. It has two vacuum-independent metering pumps (acid / alkali), temperate sensor (to control that temperature reaches the required level during the washing process), level electrodes (to control lower and upper levels of the water), built-in blowdown and discharge valves. Input voltage - 380V. Programmable temperature - between 30 and 800 C. The automatic unit provides for multi-stage washing and possibility of precise programming of all processes: amount of water, concentration of washing solutions, switch-on time, etc. The plant is completed with alkaline and acid detergents. d) Milking equipment. The plant is equipped with pairwise milking units. The volume of the milking plant collector corresponds to 250 or 350 cm3. Cups are made of stainless steel. The main milking mode: frequency - 60 pulses a minute, ratio of phases - 70:30. The delivery set includes milking units (milking into buckets) for increasing the milk yield, devices for zootechnic milk control MM-04B for milking control and milk sampling, as well as water filters, a set of spare parts, consumables and detergents.

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