Silica materials

Sector: Fiberglass Products
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: fabrics and meshes - 1 roll, fibers - 850 kg, yarns - 20 kg
Packaging: yarns, fabrics and meshes - carton boxes, fibers - big bags
Terms of Delivery: FCA-Polotsk. DAP
Full Product Information:
Silica materials have low thermal conductivity, high resistance to thermal shock, have superb electric insulation properties at high temperatures, can be used continuously without changing their properties at 1000 C (Puresil material - at 1200 C), and on a short time basis at higher temperatures (do not melt, do not evaporate at temperatures up to 1700 C). Articles made of silica glass are highly inert to the majority of chemical reagents, stable to organic and mineral acids of any concentrations even at increased temperatures (except for hydrofluoric, phosphoric and hydrochloric acids) and non-aggressive alkalis of molten metals (except for Mg, Na, Si) and alloys. Silica materials have high chemical resistance to water and steam of high pressure, can absorb moisture, but do not split in the presence of water, and stable in vacuum. These materials are superb high temperature insulation materials used in many industries. In CIS countries these materials are widely used in military-industrial complex, in companies specializing on thermal insulation materials and glass plants. In foreign countries silica materials are used as replacement for asbestos and are used mainly in refinery, electrotechnical, aerospace industries, in metallurgy and shipbuilding. The price for the goods made by JSC "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" is formed based on the current market condition and on the planned prime cost, taxes and non-tax fees. The Company sets its prices depending on the contract terms and based on the sales volumes and terms of payment and delivery.

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