AGAT Automated Road Traffic Control System

Sector: Roadway Safety
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Terms of Delivery: According to the contract
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The Agat ATCS is a new-generation traffic control system having the following features: the system performs continuous monitoring of traffic flow parameters in the city road network with the help of multiple vehicle detectors of all types (inductive, radar, infrared and video detectors); adaptive traffic control is performed according to measured or calculated (on the basis of measurements) traffic flow parameters; drivers are informed about the recommended speed, according to the current control plans, with the help of electronic speed indicators; drivers and pedestrians are informed about the duration of the green and red light signals, existing or potential traffic jams and possible bypasses. Currently the Agat ATCS is used in Minsk, Baranovichi, Grodno (Belarus), Kaliningrad and Novosibirsk (Russia). COMPONENTS: - Hardware-software complex of the main control centre (MCC): Planner’s workstation; Traffic management engineer’s workstation (traffic police inspector’s workstation); Dispatcher’s workstation; Reliability engineer’s workstation; Zone controller (KZTs-M1) engineer’s workstation; Database server; Controlling computer system; Traffic signs workstation; Remote workstation; Traffic parameters computer-aided design system; Local-area network; - Channelizing equipment: zone controllers (KZTs-M1), cellular modems; - Peripheral equipment for traffic signal installations: traffic lights controllers, vehicle detectors, speed indicators and other controlled signs, information boards and pedestrian call indicators, traffic lights. In systems for small cities, the software of the Main Control Centre can be installed on two computers: - Zone controller engineer’s workstation (one computer); - Database server, controlling computer system, planner’s workstation, traffic management engineer’s workstation (second computer). The number of workstations and their functions can vary depending on the customer’s needs. ADVANTAGES The Agat ATCS makes it possible to: - Achieve optimal road traffic control solutions by combining human potential with the system’s intellect; - Design and evaluate the efficiency of control modes using advanced techniques; - Develop effective recommendations on the employment of traffic control facilities in terms of cost and quality. The advantages of the system include: - Increased efficiency of traffic control, including: Increased efficiency of the road network; Decreased number of delays at crossroads (by 20-25%); Reduced petrol and lubricant consumption (by 5-15%); Reduced atmospheric pollution (reduction of exhaust of carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon, nitric oxide and other harmful substances by 5-10%); - Increased road safety; - Reduced time in travel (by 10-15%); - Video monitoring of situation at nodes with most intense traffic.

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