Radar Information Fusion Module

Sector: Navigation Systems
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1
Terms of Delivery: According to the Contract.
Full Product Information:
Components Two computers running in hot backup mode; Two sets of data transmission and switching equipment; Uninterrupted power supply. Basic cyaracteristics − Size of radar information processing and fusion zone: minimum 1600х1600 km; − Number of processed air objects: minimum 250; − Information fusion probability: minimum 0.98; − Continuous round-the-clock operation; − Time of switchover to standby set: maximum 1 sec; − Mean time to recovery: maximum 30 min. Functions − Fusion of radar information from primary and secondary aerodrome radars and en-route surveillance radars, equipped with data pickup and processing equipment, production of generalized information about air situation in the FIR zone and in the home aerodrome zone and supply of this information to users; − Transmission of radar data about air situation to the ATC system of the control centre, ATC systems of neighbouring FIRs and control systems of AF and AD command posts; − Support of the ASTERIX protocol and adaptation to other data exchange protocols; − Duplication of operations (parallel reception and transmission over all channels, processing and fusion of radar data using two LAN-connected PCs); −Automatic monitoring of the data reception/transmission channels and display of monitoring information; − Logging and storage (for 30 days) of information received from the radars (over two channels from each source) and generalized air situation information; − Playback and printout of logged information; − Simultaneous display of radar information for selected radar and user channels in any combinations (multiwindowing mode).

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