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Automation Equipment for Air Traffic Management in the Aerodrome Area

Sector: Navigation Systems
Price: Contract Price
Terms of Delivery: According to the Contract.
Full Product Information:
Features: - automation of air traffic management in aerodrome approach, circuit, takeoff and taxiing areas and in the area of the local traffic control; - interface with information sources and processing of plans, radar, weather and direction-finding information; - effective adaptation to the airspace structure and growing air traffic intensity in the aerodrome area; - support of international standards for external interfaces (OLDI, ASTERIX); - adaptive man-machine interface meeting highest international standards; - long-term support for operation and future upgrades; - supply of new versions on preferential terms during the entire period of operation; - high reliability due to hot backup of information processing, LAN and operator workstations, and provision of a bypass. Number of aircraft controlled simultaneously: 100. Number of daily and current plans: 200. Number of active flight plans: 100. For customers of the system, project development services are provided, with focus on advanced tendencies in air traffic management. Standard equipment, workstations and software used in the system ensure its long life time, short terms of manufacturing and low price.

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