BDKL-M Traffic Lights Controller

Sector: Automated Management Systems
Price: 3700 BYN
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: Carton box
Terms of Delivery: EXW Minsk.
Full Product Information:
Functions - Control of traffic lights using programs installed in advance and changed automatically according to time of day, day of week and month; - Deactivation of traffic lights in emergency situations (simultaneous signals allowing traffic in conflicting directions, red and green signals in one direction) and in case of short circuits; - Automatic transfer to the yellow blinking mode when red lamps burn out; - Maintenance of a log with failure date and time information (short circuit, burnout of red lamps, failure of the supply line); - Automatic recheck of failures after a preset time interval and return to the operating mode after failure removal; - Activation of traffic lights with the red light signal in all directions (for a duration of 3-10 seconds); - Automatic transfer of lamps to the power-saving mode during night; - Automatic transfer to summer and winter time; - Integrated operation in the automated traffic control system; Programming using a computer or an engineering console (on the site) through an RS-232 interface. Advantages Additional equipment, e.g. an energy meter, can be installed inside the controller cabinet. The cabinet can be equipped with an adapter to provide its adaptation for all mounting dimensions. An engineering console can be supplied for a controller or a batch of controllers. The BDKL-М traffic lights controllers are used in many Belarusian cities and also in Kaliningrad (Russia).

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