Automated Railway Station Control System

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COMPONENTS Multipurpose workstation adjustable in accordance with the role of the user; Engine crew notification workstation; Check station operator’s workstation; Commercial car inspection operator’s workstation; Yard records workstation; Workstations for administrative managers (yardmaster, deputy yardmaster, engineering office chief). FUNCTIONS The multipurpose workstation is set up by the system administrator and can perform various functions, depending on how the process flow is organized at a particular yard. There can be an unlimited number of such workstations in a system. Engine crew notification workstation: - Record of requests for issue of notifications to engine crews; - Printout and for issue of notifications for trains and shunting engines; - Maintenance of an archive of notifications; - Automatic tracing of the notification period. Check station operator’s workstation: - Input of car inspection procedures (on arrival and on departure) and its recording to the yard’s archive (which makes it possible to detect mistakes made by car inspector in car discarding); - Reception of information about cars eligible for repair (based on car-mileage or date) from the main computing centre; - Filling of information about disabled cars of a train to the database; automatic labeling of technically disabled cars in the train consist; - Issue of documents for cars released from repair; Issue of documents for cars sent for repair to other yards. Commercial car inspection operator’s workstation: - Input and updating of information about disabled cars (containers) of a train or single cars; - Automatic labeling of commercially disabled cars in the train consist; - Viewing and printout of information for a specified time interval; - Preparation, editing and printout of standard inspection reports for commercially disabled cars (containers); - Printout of reports for cars with commercial failures. Yard records workstation: - Calculation of reporting data about the yard’s car fleet for the reporting hour; - Calculation of reporting data about arriving and departing trains; - Calculation of reporting data about loaded cars for 17.00; - Generation of car detention reports; - Generation of monthly car fleet reports; - Processing of requests for production of various information sheets and reports on the yard’s operation using archived information. The workstations for administrative managers provide access to the yard’s archive and to current yard’s information. ADVANTAGES The ARSCS workstations are designed to perform functions in accordance with the specific needs and duties of the yard’s personnel. The standard set of functions make it possible to establish a workstation adapted to the yard’s process flow.

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