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Technology and equipment for continuously-iterative casting by freezing-up

Sector: Foundry machinery
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This technology is applicable for production of hollow cylindrical castings with a specified length from special wear-resistant cast irons (grey cast iron with lamellar graphite; high-strength cast iron with globular graphite; white high-chromium cast iron with trigonal-type carbides) and also bronzes. It makes it possible to produce castings with preset structure and physical&mechanical properties in a continuous-iterative mode at the expense of directional solidification and heat treatment combined in a united production process. The casting process includes filling a steel water-cooled crystallizer with molten metal from a drag (bottom) of the crystallizer, soaking a casting to form it and its extraction from the crystallizer up with simultaneous introduction of a new portion of melt. The metal is fed into the crystallizer with the aid of a disposable metal feeder lined with the fire-resistant material. The process is executed in a continuous-iterative mode, whose rate is determined by the solidification rate of the casting with required width in the crystallizer. The semiautomatic casting plant allows casting of up to 2500 kg of metal to be made under continuous conditions without readjustments.

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