Expanded-clay gravel of 10/16 mm fraction

Sector: Construction Materials
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: In Bulk
Terms of Delivery: FCA, DAF according to Incoterms 2000
Full Product Information:
Expanded clay is sintered material of a cellular structure produced by expansion and firing of dark brown clays. Having high strength it possesses low bulk density and high heat-insulating characteristics. Expanded clay is used in civil and industrial engineering as aggregate for light-weight concrete with volume weight 500 kg/m3 and thermal conductivity 0,13 W/m K, as heat-insulating aggregates with thermal conductivity 0,101-0,124 W/m K, as the bases in road construction, in plant growing and for installation of drainage systems in hothouses; it is applied for private house improvement; it is used as a filter for polluted by fuel oil and sewer drains.

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