Industrial converters П-210, П-215М, П-215И

Sector: Measurement & Analysis Instruments
Price: from 475 to 521 USD
Minimum Order: 1
Terms of Delivery: Delivery by transport company or pickup.
Full Product Information:
Industrial converters П-210, П-215М, П-215И are intended to convert EMF electrode system to electric analog signal of DC voltage and voltage during measurements of рН, рХ and redox potential in process water solutions and pulps, in automatic control systems and systems of process monitoring. П-210 has single-block design and applied in cases when converter is distanced from immersible or main fittings not more than 150 m. П-215М has two-unit construction with external front-end amplifier and has no distance limitation between fittings and converter. External amplifier is settled close to armature. П-215И is of the form explosion protection "intrinsically safe electrical circuit".

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