Tractor "Belarus"-921

Sector: Farm Machinery & Equipment
Price: Contract Price
Full Product Information:
Dimensions and weight Length with front/back hitch linkage, mm 4 500 Width, mm 1 550 Cab height, mm 2 350 Base of tractor, mm 2 370 Track gage, mm: -front wheels 1 250, 1 350, 1 450 -rear wheels 1 160-1 600 Ground clearance, mm: -under front axle 310 -under rear axle 250 Minimum turning radius, m 3,5 Operation weight, kg 3 800 Tires size: -front 265/ 70 R16 -rear 420/ 70 R24 Engine Type turbocharged diesel Power , h.p. 95 Rated speed, rev/min 1800 Number of cylinders 4 Working volume, l 4,75 Maximum torque, (Hm) kgs/m (451)43,7 Torque backup, % 20 Capacity of fuel tanks, l 95 Transmission Clutch dry, single-disk Operating of the clutch hydrostatic Gearbox mechanical, fixed-ratio transmission Number of speeds ( forward/ reverse) 18/4 Driving speed, km/h ( forward/ reverse) 1,8-35,0 / 4,1-11,5 Rear PTO, rev/min: - Independent I 540 - Independent II 1000 -synchronous 3,4

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