Sector: Food & Beverage
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 25 кг
Packaging: Polypropylene bags
Terms of Delivery: According to Incoterms-2010
Has Halal Certificate: Kazakhstan
Full Product Information:
Gelatin (from latin - gelātus «frozen», «jellied») is a food protein (collagen) of animal origin. It is a solid crushed product of light yellow color, odorless and tasteless, possessing excellent water-holding and gelling abilities. Gelatin is a universal food product. It has a high gel-forming property and is used as an important binding element in the production of various types of products. JSC «MOGELIT» produces food gelatin made of collagen containing soft raw beef in accordance with GOST 11293-2017. The range includes a large number of different marks. On demand of the buyer, the company is able to produce gelatin according to customer's specification: of different viscosity and jelly strength, particle size and transparency. The gelatin from JSC «MOGELIT» is made entirely of raw beef (type B) and has got the certificate «HALAL». JSC «MOGELIT» has obtained a permit for export to the EU countries (export veterinary number in system TRACES BY 06-14-25). Shelf life - 36 months since the manufacturing date.

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