Silicate brick front and Private

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They are used for laying stone and reinforced masonry structures exterior and interior walls of buildings and structures in accordance with building codes for construction of exterior and interior walls without subsequent finishing. Reliable strength and hardiness make lime bricks indispensable material for individual, cottage and industrial construction. There may well be combined in combination with other building materials. Stone and brick SILICATE PRIVATE TREHPUSTOTNY 150 brand strength, frost 35: RMS 150/35; brand strength of 200, 250, frost 50: GRA-200/50, the RMS-200/50, the RMS-250/50, CP-200/50. Stone and brick SILICATE FACE TREHPUSTOTNY brand strength of 150, 200 and 250, frost 35, 50: SOL-200/50, CFM-150/35, 200/50 SUL-, CFM-250/50, CA-200/50.

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