The blocks of cellular concrete wall

Sector: Construction Materials
Price: 61.92 BYN
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Full Product Information:
High heat-shielding properties. Due to its porous structure while the material is massive and easy. Air enclosed in the pores leading to excellent heat insulating effect. In the operation of buildings of blocks of cellular concrete heating costs are reduced by 20-30%. The high strength and durability. Environmental Safety. Of aerated concrete blocks are produced from natural raw materials, they do not contain radioactive and carcinogenic substances, heavy materials and synthetic polymers. Microclimate in the homes of the blocks close to the microclimate in wooden houses. Fire safety. Blocks are a group of non-combustible materials. Ease of handling. Very malleable material for processing, which allows you to implement even the most complex geometries. Economy. Using blocks in construction reduces the load on the foundation. Due to the low weight of the blocks, despite their large size, reduces the level of effort, you can do without the use of heavy lifting equipment, reduced time of construction works. Reducing the load on the frame, foundation and base of the building. Good sound insulation. The mesh structure is largely absorbs sounds. Microclimate. The porosity of the blocks provides air circulation, which is comparable with wooden houses. A variety of finishes (plaster, silicate brick, brick, ceramic, natural or artificial stone, etc.).

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