Dry demineralized whey powder

Sector: Dairy Products
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 20000
Packaging: Paper four-play bags with polyethylen bag-in-box 25 kg.
Terms of Delivery: EXW
Has Halal Certificate: China
Full Product Information:
OJSC”Verhnedvinsk Butter-Cheese plant is informing You, that has begun to produce dry demineralized cheese and casein whey powder with the different degree of demineralization(50%,70%, 90%). Demineralization –it is the prozess of removing of dissolved in whey salt, particulary from natrium chlorine (sodium chloride. The demineralization of milk expands the sphere of its usage in food industry. In the first place it is connected with the specific characteristics of demineralized whey powder. The sphere of its usage in food industry is very wide: For producing of milk products (ice-cream, curd pastes, infant food, melt cheese, condensed milk, whole-milk drinks, cultured milk drinks For producing of confection and bakery foods (spice cakes, pies, cakes, cookies, bonbons, butter bread, chocolate, pastes) Meat products (sausages, ham, pate) Ingredients for biotechnology For producing of pharmaceuticals The whey is produced by method of nanofiltration. These tecnnologies allow to produce functional food products with unique characteristics. Some examples of dry demineralized whey powder usage: - the whipability of the ice-cream with the demineralized whey powder is bigger to 15-20%. It increases the volume of output and makes easier the digestion. - Butter bread with the dry demineralized whey powder corresponds with the bread with skim milk powder to capacity and quality, but has longer shelf life. - Dry demineralized whey powder in sausage products allow to reduce the possibility of creation of water pocket and to increase the volume of output The enterprise can give You samples for comparative analysis of yours utilizable materials