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Material: - Polypropylene; - Polyethylene; - ABS plastic; - Polystyrene Thickness: from 1mm to 20mm. Width: up to 2,200 mm. The length and color is determined by the customer. Application: Sheets of polyethylene and polypropylene are widely used in construction, industry and national economy: • as decorative facing, ornamental, anticorrosive materials; • construction of swimming pools, the manufacture of tanks, ducts, electroplating baths; • production of substrates, bottoms for bags, canopies; • production of combined flooring and partitions, etc. ABS sheets Used for the production of high-strength products. From sheet ABS plastics by thermoforming products are manufactured in various industrial areas: automotive, refrigeration, sanitary, furniture, construction, packaging industry. Polystyrene sheets. Used in the manufacture of outdoor advertising, signs, in the manufacture of household appliances (internal parts of refrigerators). In the construction of polystyrene sheets are used as finishing materials in the design of the trading floors of shops, office interiors and other public spaces.

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