Wood fuel briquettes

Sector: Fuel Briquettes & Pellets
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 22 tons
Packaging: On pallets
Terms of Delivery: FCA Warehouse of the shipper
Full Product Information:
Standard dimensions: Width 6.5 cm; Length 15 cm; Height 9 cm; All species. Wood fuel briquettes are made from wastes from sawmilling (wood shavings and sawdust) by compressing under high pressure with RUF briquetting machine. Quality of goods complies with STB 2055-2010. Species composition is not standardized, coniferous species make up to 85 % of raw material. Moisture content is not more than 12%. Ash content is not more than 1,5 %. Heating value is not less than 16.3 MJ/kg. Having all the benefits of fuel wood, fuel briquettes have a number of advantages. Briquettes do not spark and fume while burning. The same volume of wood briquettes generates more heat than that of timber and has longer burn-life. Briquettes are pressed fuel, so they require much less storage space. Their high density prevents moisture penetration and rotting, so the storage time is unlimited. Briquettes are sealed in polyethylene bags with size 35 x 64 cm. One bag has 12 brick pieces. Bags with briquettes are packed 96 pieces per pallet, wrapped with stretch film and bound with the tape. Each pallet has a sheet indicating the total quantity of briquettes, gross weight and net weight. The products are sold through exchange auctions at JSC “Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange”.

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