Boxing (cage) for individual maintenance of BSTM calves

Sector: Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
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The modular box is intended for keeping calves indoors. sizes: BSTM 00.000 Maximum external dimensions (width 1350 mm, length 2805 mm, height 1220 mm) Internal dimensions: (length 2410 mm, width 1210 mm, height 1220 mm.) Boxing and all elements of the box, except for the retainer, are made of polymer materials that are resistant to the effects of climatic environmental factors, as well as to the effects of animal waste. The clamp is made of steel and subjected to surface treatment, which also protects it from the negative effects of external factors. There is a mount on the front wall of the box: Drinking bowl PT-7M - A drinking bowl with a nominal volume of 7 liters is intended for feeding the calf with milk and colostrum. It is installed in a special ring in the central part of the door; PT-2.5 drinking bowl - a drinking bowl with a nominal volume of 2.5 l., is intended for dry loose feed and additives from 3 to 12 days of feeding. It is installed in the grooves in the upper left part of the door; The VT-6 bucket is a 6 liter bucket designed to water the calf with water. Installed in the ring in the lower right corner of the door; feeder for dry feed and mineral additives. The amount of feed placed is 2.8 liters. It is installed in the grooves in the lower left part of the door with the lid raised. Nozzles are designed to facilitate feeding of calves. The modular design allows the use of 3 walls instead of 4 for the construction of each subsequent box, which significantly reduces the total cost of the final product.

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