Flexible self-adhesive keyboard

Sector: Electronic Information Systems & Control Panels
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1 pc
Packaging: Paper
Terms of Delivery: Pickup, the carrier.
Full Product Information:
Flexible keyboard now have been widely used in various industries: instrumentation, medical and household appliances, industrial equipment and machinery. They can be made: on the basis of polyester films with drawing of conductive pastes or on the basis of printed circuit boards from flexible foiled dielectrics. Flexible keyboard with drawing tokoprovodu Postpost formed by coating and polymerization tokoprovodu pastes. Produced without the use of inserted metal membranes. Provide good functionality at a minimum cost. Such keyboards can be completely flat with a very small thickness (up to 1 mm), while pressing the key due to slow motion is almost imperceptible. If it is necessary that when pressing the key there was a clear click, it is possible to produce a zone of pressing with a tactile effect. Tactile effect in these keyboards is achieved by forming the front film. Flexible keyboard flexible folgirovannaya dielectrics the only one of the flexible keyboards that made the installation of the switching membranes. These products have a number of advantages: have a large range of operating temperatures and small (compared with keyboards with the application of conductive pastes) resistance of conductive paths. The keyboards have copper conductors and galvanic Nickel plating of contact zones and lamellas. Due to this, they have a longer service life. They are also easy to install on the body of the product, as well as the usual keyboard with the application of conductive pastes, or decorative instrument panels. Keyboards can be supplied complete with connectors.

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