Inductive sensors, contactless

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Inductive sensors are used for non-contact information about the movements of the working bodies of machines, mechanisms, robots, etc.and convert this information into an electrical signal. They have found wide application almost in all industries and are the most important elements of automation systems. Basically contactless inductive switches work on failure or change of amplitude of oscillation of the generator at entering into an active zone of the sensor of the metal subject of the certain sizes. When the power is supplied to the switch in the area of its sensing element, an alternating electromagnetic field is formed, which induces eddy currents in the zone material, the electromagnetic field of which leads to a change in the oscillation amplitude of the generator. As a result, the demodulator generates an analog signal, which is converted by the trigger into a threshold level, which controls the amplifier and causes a change in the switching state of the switch. Depending on the material from which the impacting element is made, the impact distance may vary.

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