Milk Cooling Tank ZUOM

Sector: Animal Husbandry
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Milk coolers are used at dairy farms and are intended for cooling and temporary storage of milk. The principle of milk tank operation is based on removing heat from the milk through direct contact with the evaporator. The main task of preserving the milk quality is to rapidly cool it down upon completion of the milking process. The production facility is equipped with the latest technological equipment with numerical program control. Heat exchanger-evaporator is the most technically complex component of the cooling tank. The tank represents a structure made of stainless steel with thermal insulation. The tank is equipped with an automatic control unit (also produced by our company) which monitors operation of the compressor & condensing unit and automatic washing, as well as the process of mixing and cooling. The automatic control unit is equipped with an electronic thermometer, solenoid-operated water supply valves, metering acid-base pumps, and cold and hot water counters. Milk cooling units are equipped with modern highly reliable compressor & condensing units with automatic control system.

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