Bed linen for children and teenagers

Sector: Bedding
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: от 5.000 долларов США.
Terms of Delivery: FCA-Baranovichi (Belarus).
Full Product Information:
OJSC "BCPI" presents a collection of bed linen for children and teenagers. This bed linen was developed especially for children. It is made out of natural raw materials (100% cotton and high-quality import dyestuffs). It is ecologically compatible, safe, hypoallergic, practical, pleasant by touch and has a high air penetration. Bed linen for teenagers is presented by 1,5-bed sets with designs for boys and girls. Bed linen for children is presented by bed accessories for children at the age from 0 till 3 years: cot sets, bed sets, pillows and duvets, diapers and baby\'s loose jackets.

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100% cotton, article БЧ 2160.