Oat flackes "Extra" №3

Sector: Food & Beverage
Price: 0.32 USD
Minimum Order: 2 tonn minimum
Packaging: Carton package (group paper wrapping of 18 package) or (group tape wrapping of 12 package).
Terms of Delivery: self-delivery FCA Gomel
Full Product Information:
Oat flakes "Extra 3" are amazingly delicious and nutritious. The nutrients stored in them strengthen your body. Recently, oats have been widely used for food and dietary purposes as a source of increased oil and antioxidants. The percentage of amino acids, essential oils, fats, micro and macro elements in oat flakes is higher than in all other species. Dishes prepared by their oat flakes have a beneficial effect on the liver and pancreas. Oat flakes are rich in biotin.

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