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Sintepon became one of the first artificial materials, which began to be used as a filler for pillows. The reason for this was its absolute harmlessness to human health. Dignities Hypoallergenic: due to the fact that sinteponovy filler for pillows does not contain natural ingredients, it does not cause an allergic reaction. Antibacterial: the material is a medium not suitable for bacteria, fungus and dust mites. Hygiene: does not have its own smell, does not absorb others, does not accumulate dust; Easy to care for: tolerates washing, dries quickly. Elasticity: does not lose volume during the service life, which ensures user convenience. Lightness: even a large volume pillow will weigh little. Does not accumulate moisture. Breathability: the structure of the padding provides good air exchange, which contributes to the rapid evaporation of moisture and does not allow dust to accumulate. Low price. Easy to transport: the pillow is easy to fold down to a small size. Thermoregulation: in winter the material warms, in summer — cools.

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