Polyester fabric

Sector: Non-woven Materials & Products
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1 roll
Packaging: polyethylene
Terms of Delivery: according to the terms of the contract
Full Product Information:
Fabric bulk polyester thermally bonded (sintepon) Composition: 100% polyester fiber.Density from 60-1000 g / m2 Width from 1.5 m to 2.25 m. Density from 60g / m2 to 460 g / m2 Application: polyester fabric bulk thermally bonded (sintepon) is lightweight, good thermal properties and low weight. It is used for all types of insulated clothing, including children's, as well as for the manufacture of blankets, bedspreads, sleeping and other textiles, is widely used in the production of upholstered furniture and is used as a layer between the upholstery and the forming material (eg, foam). Sintepon retains elasticity, does not emit dust and does not cause allergies. Note: to reduce transportation costs, the material can be vacuumed according to customer's request. Before use after vacuum packing Sintepon it is necessary to sustain not less than 24 hours in a free condition at temperature from +5 to 25 ºC. Well restores the volume.Sintepon is used in the manufacture of the following products: Outerwear-with its help warm jackets and overalls, winter jackets and windbreakers. Pillows, blankets and mattresses. As a filler for soft toys. Filters for some models of aquariums Furniture-use a dense material. Synthetic fibers often form the basis of fabrics used for insulation of premises. The material is used in construction works.

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