Sector: Paper & Paperboard
Price: from 35 to 70 USD
Minimum Order: 1 m3
Full Product Information:
Minimal bar height 12 mm, maximal bar height – 50mm. Maximal bar length – 1380 mm. By manufacturing packing using honeycomb (plate) its maximal width possible comes to 1035mm, and maximal length depends on the size of the cell. With cell size 15mm, the maximal length will be 900mm, 25mm – maximal length 1785mm, 35mm – maximal length 2970mm. Honeycomb plate (or any other cell infill item) can be glued for fixing cell stretching. Different materials are used for gluing: a. fluting with thickness 112 g per m². b. cardboard for plain layers with thickness 125 112 g per m². c. 3-layer corrugated cardboard. Specific weight – 47-52 kg per m³ (depending on the cell size). Pressure load perceptible by shokc-absorber without its damage – 4 kg/cm² or 400 kPa. Honeycomb in bars is manufactured according to the State Standard 2323-78, honeycomb plates are manufactured according to the Republic of Belarus Technical Specification 400004877.013-2002.

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