Boxes of corrugated board

Sector: Corrugated Packaging
Price: from 379 to 656 USD
Minimum Order: 5000 in
Packaging: Manufactured corrugated cardboard products are packed in transporting bags which are bound with corrugated cardboard and stretching tape. Customer can choose product delivery on Euro Standard trays manufactured from timber.
Terms of Delivery: Delivery is carried out with motor or railway transport.
Full Product Information:
4-flap boxes: - Boxes manufactured according to the State Standard (for confectionery, canned goods, food liquids, meat and milk products, ice cream, chemical industry products, incandescent lamps, food products, matches, tobacco goods, detergents, etc.) as well as boxes with specific sizes; - with cut elements (handle holes, vent-holes); - with truncated, short-cut or overlapping flaps. Component boxes - packing - insert - grate 3-color printing is possible on corrugated cardboard boxes of any configuration. Public Corporation “Svetlogorsk pulp and paper plant” accepts orders for manufacturing clichés for flex printing.

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