Glued laminated beam house «SVETLANA»

Sector: Home, Lights & Construction
Price: 39000 EUR
Terms of Delivery: FCA-Shklov, Mogilev region, Belarus.
Full Product Information:
Size: 13,7 х 12,5 m. Total area: 159,99 m2. Homekit: Timber wall 140 * 210 mm, timber wall 129 * 210 mm, timber wall 59 * 210, rafter, trimmer joists, beams 50 * 210 mm, planed board 150 * 45mm, 210 * 40 mm, timber of the siege 210 * 80 mm, waling 60 * 100mm, rack 200 * 200 mm. Terms of payment – full prepayment, partial prepayment. Price of glued laminated beam houses is formed depending on quantity of beam cubes, used for production.

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