Skimmed milk powder RUDOBELOCHKA

Sector: Milk Powder & Substitutes
Price: 2.6 USD
Minimum Order: 20000
Packaging: four-layer paper bags with polyethylene insert, net weight 25 kg
Terms of Delivery: FCA
Full Product Information:
Skimmed milk powder RUDOBELOCHKA “Standard” grade Taste and smell: pure, characteristic of pasteurized milk. Consistency: uniform fine dry powder. Color: white with a light cream tint, uniform throughout the mass. Physico-chemical indicators: Mass fraction of moisture,%, no more: 5.0 Mass fraction of fat,% no more: 1.5 Mass fraction of protein,% no less: 3.4 Mass fraction of lactose,%: 5.2-3 , 9 Solubility index, cm3 of crude sediment, not more than: 0.2 Acidity, ˚Т: 15-191 Purity, group, not lower than: 1 Antibiotics: not allowed Transport packaging net weight from 20 to 30 kg: paper bags, impregnated 4- x and 5-layer, liners made of polyethylene. Product labeling (information on the label): product name and grade; name and location of the enterprise (legal address, name of the country); trademark of the enterprise; the composition of the product; net weight of the product; batch number; production date and expiration date; storage conditions; the nutritional value; recommendations for use; designation of this STB; certification information; barcode; handling signs: "Keep away from moisture", "Keep away from sunlight." Shelf life and storage conditions: at a temperature of 0 to 20 ˚С and relative air humidity not higher than 85% in a clean and well-ventilated room 24 months from the date of manufacture. Method of use: for industrial processing for food purposes. Transportation conditions: transport products by all means of transport in covered vehicles in transport containers. Special control during shipment. Compliance with the requirements for the arrangement, loading and transportation of goods. It is necessary to control the integrity of the packaging, the availability of labels. Way of implementation: wholesale. Potentially possible and known cases of misuse of the product: not known. Restrictions on use: not known. Manufacturer's guarantees: the manufacturer guarantees that the product meets the requirements of this STB subject to the conditions of transportation and storage established by this STB.

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