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Packaging: Blisters
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Composition per capsule: Standardized cranberry dry extract (40% Proanthocyanidins) calculated on Proanthocyanidins - 35 mg. Package 30 capsules. Pharmacological action: Cranberry extract blocks the adhesion of pathogenic microorganisms to mucus of urinary tracts thus preventing the urinary system microbe colonization and the development of inflammation. Active ingredients of cranberry enhance the effect of antibiotics and uroantiseptics administered for urinary infections. Vitamin С decreases vascular permeability, demonstrates antioxidant activity, increases organism resistance to the infections. Indications for usage: For prophylaxis and in complex therapy: to increase the effect of antibacterial therapy; prophylaxis of the development of the recurrent infections of urinary tracts under unfavorable conditions (seasonal effects, stress situations, adverse hygienic conditions); often recurrent cystitis.

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