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Nanosilica suspensions SPS-8 and SPS-81M

Sector: Chemicals
Price: 13 USD
Minimum Order: 1l.
Packaging: plastic canisters from 10 to 50 liters per GOST 9980.3.
Terms of Delivery: As agreed
Full Product Information:
Characteristic SPS-8 and SPS-81M: Density 1.075 – 1.085 g/cm3, 1.138-1.142 g/cm3; рН at 20 °С: 11.8-12.0, 12.4-12.8; ParticlesizeSiO2: 60-80 nm; SiO2, wt. %:14.0, 23.0; Stabilizer-Ethylenediamine; Appearance-Milkcolorliquid; Serviceable life- atleast 12 months. SPS-8 and SPS-81M provides high purity surface after polishing, a small amount by static electricity on the pad, high performance, ease of use, high stability and minimal contamination by metal ions.

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