Sector: Orthopedic Mattresses
Price: Contract Price
Full Product Information:
Only high-quality and tested materials are used to manufacture our products: latex block, coconut coir, or polyurethane foam, latex semizonalny, needle-punched felt, spandbond, padding polyester. The carrier system can be spring (block of independent springs, Bonnel) or Springless (latex block, coconut coir + latex). Covers for mattresses: cotton jacquard, cotton jacquard with ALOE VERA, jersey, laminated cotton jacquard.

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• Mattresses (possibility to produce any shape, size, filling !!!): -pruzhinnye (use the spring block "Bonnel" and the block of independent springs); -bespruzhinnye; -Children; • Mattress with a f...
SERIES "STANDARD" (mattresses dependent spring block)
SERIES "CLASSIC" (mattresses with the block of independent springs)