Payment and information terminals

Sector: Shop & Bank Equipment
Price: Contract Price
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Terms of Delivery: DDP. DAP
Full Product Information:
Main data: The functionality of the terminal is defined by the software installed in it. The application field of designed terminal is bank sphere. Their users can be various enterprises, receiving payments, including those within the frame of the unique payment and information space (ERIP) of the Republic of Belarus. The terminals are designed first of all for enterprises of the Ministry of communications and informatization of the Republic of Belarus receiving payments from citizens for different services. The terminals can be used by banks of the Republic of Belarus in order to receive cashless payments within the unique payments and information space. Functionality: anti-vandal design; dimensions 360x600x1370 mm, weight – 85 kg network connection LAN 10/100 Mb. terminal includes standard (commercial) peripherals, which can be applied in different variants (as per brands and manufacturers of the peripherals). E.g., the following option: - check printer STAR TUR 992; - motorized device for reading and recording of smart cards ICT 3K5; - cash acceptor for cassette for 1000 bonds CashCade MSM; - pin pad ZT588B; - sensor LCD screen ACER AL1716AS. Terminal design has foreseen a possibility to add other peripherals on demand of the client.

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