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КI grinding plants are a modularized system of optionally assembled integrated units which provide high performance, easy operation and servicing, low energy consumption and small occupied space. Grinding complexes make it possible to obtain up to 15 tph of several narrow fractions of the final product in the required particle size range (-0,02 … -0,5 mm). Customized production schemes make it possible to improve essentially the economic performances of grinding and quality factors of the obtained material. The size of the final product can be regulated during the operation without the equipment shutdown. КI grinding plants are successively applied in manufacture of mineral powder, cement, micropowder of microcalcite, etc. The crushed product exhibits a high specific surface area and physicochemical activity of the particles. It has the ordered narrow grain size composition. The reduction of energy intensity and the absence of over-ground classes are available by the iteration (uninterrupted) operation cycle of КI complex, i.e.: «grinding – separation – continuous withdrawal of finished product from the process of grinding». Compared to other milling methods, the energy cost saving runs between 12 and 56%.

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