Plant Growth Regulator "Rostmoment"

Sector: Fertilizers
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: negotiated
Packaging: bags
Terms of Delivery: negotiated
Full Product Information:
Rostmoment is an environmentally friendly yeast-based bioregulator and stimulant of life of plants. A unique development of Yeast Plant JSC (Belarus), it is produced using a special technology to obtain a natural high-efficiency plant growth regulator without chemical additives. EFFECT OF ROSTMOMENT ON PLANTS: significant increase of yield, nutritional value and storage life of crops; accelerated development, growth, physiological cycle, earlier blooming and activated formation of generative organs; enhanced protective functions of plants in adverse weather conditions (repeated frost, drought, overmoistening and salinization); better resistance to diseases and pests; softened negative impact of chemicals (pesticides) used to protect plants by complex treatment; less stress by transplantation (the seedlings become resistant and take roots excellently when pricked out and planted into the open ground)

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