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Backhoe loader can be thought as front loaders concurrent (loading-unloading machines). It’s also has capacious front bucket and can do well loading-unloading work. In addition it can dig. Advanced flexibility of this machine allows it to work in restricted area at the streets, small municipal constructions where it’s hard for simple loader or middle class excavator to do any maneuver. Thus the application of one backhoe loader instead of two machines gives a customer not only fuel saving but also extra-space for other machines maneuvering. Besides that backhoe loader is quite mobile. Thus backhoe loader has become one of the most popular machines for today. This machine can work in any season: in summer – soil and repair works, in winter – snow removal, local repair work. Amkodor backhoe loader has more than 80 modifications. Each model has spacious cab and seat lifting mechanism for operator’s comfort. Besides the excavating blade the machines are equipped with slope bucket and can not only dig but also do loading work, spread the spoil. Pneumatic excavator, or wheel excavator, has a good bucket capacity. It is able to move across the work site and from one site to another. It perfectly copes with digging dishes, loading and unloading of fine and sandy materials. Wheel backhoe loader is successfully used on a flush surface where max high floatation and stability are not required but powerful machinery is a necessity. Wheel excavators are equipped with all-wheel drive chassis and high-powered hydraulic system. Non-diversified work is possible thanks to the additional attachments. Because of them backhoe loader can carry out different functions at the same time: earthmover, scraper, etc.

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