Sectional hydraulic distributor RP70 type in assortment

Sector: Spares for agricultural machinery
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: Own production from 1 pc.
Packaging: Cardboard boxes
Terms of Delivery: Pickup
Full Product Information:
Sectional hydraulic distributor RP70 are purposed for changing the direction of flow of working liquid and overload protection in hydraulic systems of tractors, agricultural and road machines and other mobile equipment. Modifications: RP70-822.1, RP70-890.1, RP70-923, RP70-1221.1, RP70-1221.1С, RP70-921, RP70-822, RP70-890, RP70-923.1, RP70-1221, RP70-1221С, RP70-1221ТС, RP70-921.1, RP70-622, RP70-622.1, RP70-1502, RP-70-6-3-0-20ТЗ, RP70-686-3-0-20ТЗ, RP-70-86-03-0-20ТЗ, 4RP-70-6-0-М-21Т, Distributor section RP70-8-0-М RК, Distributor section RP70-8-1 RК, Distributor section RP70-8-1-М RK

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