Plowing depth regulating unit 80-4614020

Sector: Spares for agricultural machinery
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: Own production from 1 pc.
Packaging: Cardboard boxes
Terms of Delivery: Pickup
Full Product Information:
The plow depth regulator 80-4614020 is designed for automatic and manual control of attachments device of the tractors "Belarus" MTW-80/82, MTW-100/102, T-142 and their modifications together with the hydraulic distributors R80-3 / 4 Modifications: 80-4614020, 80-4614020-01, 80-4614020-02

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Applicability: D-260.5, D-265 (Icarus buses).
Engines D-245.2, D-245.7, D-245.9, D-245.12 and modifications: MTZ 922, 890, 950, 1025, K-n Gomselmash, ZIL (bull), GAZ-3309, 33081, "Valdai", buses PAZ, etc.
Application area of distributing valve – in building, road, municipal hydraulic drive and other mobile machinery and equipment.