E-beam dispersion device of polimer-containing materials in vacuum

Sector: Vacuum Evaporation Equipment
Price: 25000 USD
Minimum Order: 1
Terms of Delivery: As agreed
Full Product Information:
The e-beam dispersion device structurally consists from: - power unit; - electron beam projector. The electron beam projector and the power unit allow to form a stream of electrons with energy and density of current, sufficient to transfer the target material into the active gas phase. The Power Unit (PU) of the e-beam dispersion device is used to supply the accelerating voltage and filament current in the electron beam evaporator (EBE) of vacuum assembly. EBE together with PU are used to evaporate in vacuum of technological materials with the subsequent sedimentation on the parts. The power block and a set of connecting cables are included in the package. The electron beam projector with the cathode of direct heating allows to form bunches of electrons with a density of current I = 50÷500 A/sq.m, energy of particles E = 0,1÷2,5 keV, the area of the spot S = (1÷5)•10-4 sq.m. The range of energy of electrons E = 0,8 … 2,0 keV, used while dispersing organic and inorganic compounds, is optimum. The control of the device is also realized through management elements located on the forward console of the device. Offer: manufacturing and supply of equipment, technical (guarantee) maintenance

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