Technological complex of laser processing of materials

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Technologies for materials processing: Laser marking and engraving, Laser welding and soldering, Laser cutting, Controlled laser thermo-cutting of fragile non-metal materials, Two-beam laser processing of fragile non-metal materials, with simultaneous use of laser sources with different wave lengths, giving selective absorption by separate layers of the sample; Laser welding of silicon products. The materials processed: Any types of glass, including quartz glass Any type of ceramics. Any type of steel. Cytalls Silicon Silicon carbide. Main technical characteristics The control of the installation is carried out by programmable systems (for example, SIEMENS SINUMERIC 802S) YAG - laser, functioning in a pulse mode Wavelength of the radiation, micron - 1,064 Energy in a pulse, J - 1 - 30 Pulse duration, nc - 50- 800 Pulse repetition rate, Hz - 1 - 300 СО2 –laser (ILGN-802), functioning in a continuous mode Wavelength of the radiation, micron - 10,6 Average power of the radiation, W - 75 Coordinate system Maximal moving on axes x, y, mm - 500 Maximal speed of the moving, mm / sec - 150 Accuracy of positioning, mm - 0, 05 The size of processed samples, mm - 500-500

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