Diagnostic complexes

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Diagnostic complexes intend for inspection connection and functionability anti-blocked braking systems (АБС), anti-blocked antiskidding systems АБС/ПБС, pneumosuspender electronic control system (ЭСУПП), braking and moving stabilization control systems (СУТ иСД). Complexes are technical diagnostic tools of cars, buses and trailers. In functional purpose complexes refer to braking systems and pneumatic suspenders diagnostic aids. In metrological system complexes are not measuring apparatus and don`t have characteristics of exactitude. Complexes supply output at the screen of personal computer (ПЭВМ) failure data of systems which are in reprogramming read-only memory (ПЗУ): • the list of active system failures (at present existing failures); • the list of passive system failures (failures occurred earlier); • manufacturer data – date of issue, serial number; • system configuration. During malfunction diagnosing of system connection and malfunction repairing complex provides deleting information about system malfunctions.

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