Wheel rotary speed transmitter ДЧВК

Sector: Automated Management Systems
Price: 15.9 USD
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: ящики (гофрокартон)
Terms of Delivery: FCA г. Борисов (Инкотермс 2010)
Full Product Information:
Wheel rotary speed transmitter ДЧВК is designed for getting information about rotary speed, toothed rotor wobbling and transferring this information electronic control block. Type of transmitter – is generating, inductive. Type of output – is two-wire, antiphase, from “mass” and “plus” of board net is isolated. Type of output signal – alternating voltage, which frequency is proportional the frequency of wheel rotary speed. Mode of climatic modification is U2 by GOST 15150, but thus bottom working value of environment temperature at operation is minus 45˚С, top value is plus 160˚С. Operating mode is enduring and nominal S1 by GOST 3940. Two types of transmitters are developed and producing: straight with shell length 57,5 mm and angular – with length 40 mm. Modifications are available with connector and without it, wire length from 0,4 m to 2,2 m, at the desire of customer any length is available

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