Carrot harvester KTM-1

Sector: Agricultural combines
Price: 132744 USD
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: Without package
Terms of Delivery: EXW
Full Product Information:
Harvester is a semi-trailer machine and includes the following main components: the frame, pulling sections, of the penetrators tops, plowshares, lifts tops, wheels, conveyors, hopper, hydraulic, electrical and brake systems. The principle of harvesting haulm helps to make harvesting the most careful and qualitive. This harvester successfully cope with the problem on stony ground. With the ability to adjust the placement of the support wheels increase the quality of the workers, there was a possibility of processing of the ridges with different widths of planting. For receiving, storage and subsequent discharge of carrot in the body of the vehicle is equipped with a bunker harvester, which, in turn, allows you to fully mechanize the process of preparing the field and increase to 35% the performance of transport. The operation of the harvester is carried out from the tractor cab by a remote processor. Productivity is up to 0,12 hectares per shift, working speed is up to 3 km/h

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