The unit for the shredding and incorporation into the soil residue agricultural crops APO-6,5

Sector: Farm Machinery & Equipment
Price: 25000 USD
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: Without package
Terms of Delivery: EXW
Full Product Information:
The unit is a semi-mounted machine and consists of the following main components: a central frame, the two side frames, which are installed in two rows of sections. Each section is pivotally mounted multiple disk nodes with dual wheels on each. Each frame is equipped with a roller. For moving between fields the unit has a wheel turn. Side frame for transfer into transport position equipped with hydraulic cylinders. The unit has a pneumatic braking system and lighting equipment. Adjusting the angle of attack of discs made with the help of adjustment mechanism (string-leash). The increase in the angle of attack improves trimming and mixing the soil, which is particularly important in the processing of stubble. Reducing the angle of attack improves cutting grass, weeds, and of stem straw, soil quality preliminary treatment. On the unit may be setting different angles of attack drives the 1st and 2nd sections.

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