Pneumohydraulic amplifier

Sector: Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems
Price: Contract Price
Full Product Information:
It is intended for decrease of the force being applied by the driver of the lorries to the pedal of the clutch. Characteristics: Maximum operating pressure in a pneumatic system, max., MPa (kg-force/cm²) 0,8, Maximum operating pressure in a hydraulic system, max., MPa (kg-force/cm²) 6,0, Effort on the rod at air operating pressure 0.8 MPa and braking fluid operating pressure 1.3 MPa, Н (kg-force) 6617±330, Range of operating temperatures, °С -45÷ +65, Connecting thread M 14×1,5-6Н, M 16×1,5-6Н, Overall dimensions, mm 373х124х135, Weight, kg 3,64.

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