Children's Mattresses

Sector: Orthopedic Mattresses
Price: 1890 RUR
Minimum Order: 10
Packaging: Polyethylene
Terms of Delivery: Own transport.
Full Product Information:
The dream for anyone, especially for a child, an important part of life. The children "grow" around the clock, especially at night. That is why the mattress plays an important role in their lives, as it promotes the formation of correct posture is the key to strong, healthy sleep. Children's mattress should adapt to the curves of the body of the child in such a way as to ensure a smooth and strictly perfectly horizontal position of his spine during sleep. The muscles should be completely relaxed, so that arms and legs are not numb. Therefore, the mattress should be smooth, elastic and moderately hard. We produce only non-sprung mattresses, because they are safer for the kids, as are made without the use of metal springs that may have an electrostatic influence on the child's body. As fillers we use environmentally friendly materials (lateksirovannaya Coir, hypoallergenic foam and latex). Covers are removable only rebuffs from 100% cotton. We produce mattresses of all sizes, allowing you to find the right option for your crib. Trust in our time need only the most reliable and proven producers. Trust is based on mutual respect. We respect their customers and they do likewise. We are pleased to offer to buy children's mattress of high quality of our production. We care about the comfort of customers and therefore strives to meet all their wishes possible, embodying in its products the most daring ideas. As a result, we get a hi-tech, functional and durable models of the future today! To every customer found a range in exactly what it fit perfectly, the company is constantly developing new models, taking into account all the latest trends in design, using new designs and improving existing designs templates!

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