Water-jet cutting complexes

Sector: Other Machinery & Industry Equipment
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Full Product Information:
It is designed for use in wide-profile activity enterprises: engineering, architecture, construction. virtually any material can bet cut with waterjet: - Ferrous metals and alloys; - Difficult-alloyed steels and alloys (including heat-resistant and corrosion-proof); - Non-ferrous metals and alloys (copper, nickel, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and alloys thereof); - Composite materials; - Ceramic materials (ceramic, tiles); - Natural and artificial stones (granite, marble, etc...); - Glass and composite glass (laminated glass, bulletproof glass, wired glass, glass fiber, etc...); - Porous and transparent materials; - Cellular sandwich structures; - Concrete and reinforced concrete. Cutting of soft materials such as polyurethane foam and other foams, plastics, leather, cardboard, fabric, etc.. N. is performed only with water jet without abrasive. It is also used in the food sector, for cutting and portioning food.

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