Tracker GPS/Glonass "Navitrek" 920 CAN

Sector: Auto Electronics
Price: 7100 EUR
Packaging: box
Terms of Delivery: by agreement
Full Product Information:
The device provides high-quality tracking, control of ignition, fuel level sensors and other peripherals. It has a direct connection to the CAN-bus vehicle for FMS protocol. Built-in battery allows the device to work up to 12 hours in the absence of external power. When mobile losing records and stores 65,000 records (several weeks), and automatically transfers the accumulated data to the server via GPRS communication has been reestablished. Thanks to its compact size and the availability of secure power input, can be used in high-risk, as well as the presence of threats of vandalism. The body is made of glass fiber reinforced high temperature material (IP65). The device is equipped with a sealed connector industrial applications with the highest degree of protection IP68. Ability to connect additional equipment (sensors) through a protection circuit. Support FOTA (firmware-over-the-air) - the ability to remotely change settings, and flash equipment. It has an open communication protocol, and compatibility with all popular software. Low cost, while maintaining all the features and functions of the premium model.

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